End-To-End Type Safety with React, GraphQL & Prisma

Workshop from:
React Day Berlin
React Day Berlin 2022

    In this workshop, you will get a first-hand look at what end-to-end type safety is and why it is important. To accomplish this, you’ll be building a GraphQL API using modern, relevant tools which will be consumed by a React client.

    What's included:

    1. Welcome & kickoff

    2. Set up Prisma (lesson 1)

    3. Set up a GraphQL server (lesson 2)

    4. Build the GraphQL schema (lesson 3)

    5. GraphQL on the client (lesson 4)

    6. Bridge the gap (lesson 5)

    7. Wrap up


    - Node.js installed on your machine (12.2.X / 14.X)

    - It is recommended (but not required) to use VS Code for the practical tasks

    - An IDE installed (VSCode recommended)

    - (Good to have)*A basic understanding of Node.js, React, and TypeScript

    95 min
    30 Nov, 2022

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