Back to the basics

Workshop from:
Node Congress
Node Congress 2022

“You’ll never believe where objects come from in JavaScript.”

“These 10 languages are worse than JavaScript in asynchronous programming.”

Let’s explore some aspects of JavaScript that you might take for granted in the clickbaitest workshop.

To attend this workshop you only need to be able to write and run NodeJS code on your computer. Both junior and senior developers are welcome.

Objects are from Mars, functions are from Venus

Let’s deep-dive into the ins and outs of objects and then zoom out to see modules from a different perspective. How many ways are there to create objects? Are they all that useful? When should you consider using them?

If you’re now thinking “who cares?“, then this workshop is probably for you.

Asynchronous JavaScript: the good? parts

Let’s have an honest conversation.

I mean… why, oh why, do we need to bear with all this BS? My guess is that it depends on perspective too. Let’s first assume a hard truth about it: it could be worse… then maybe we can start seeing the not-so-bad-even-great features of JavaScript regarding non-blocking programs.

128 min
15 Feb, 2022

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