Petar Ivanov
Petar Ivanov
Experienced Software Engineer passionate about building innovative and user-centric products. I have over seven years of experience in the IT industry and a proven track record of building and delivering innovative and high-quality software products. My expertise spans the full-stack of software development and product creation, from ideation to execution. I strive to create a positive impact on society through technology.
React Day Berlin 2023React Day Berlin 2023
22 min
Building Enterprise-grade GraphQL APIs with Domain-Driven Design and Clean Architecture
In this talk, we will explore how to build scalable and maintainable GraphQL APIs for enterprise applications using Domain-Driven Design and Clean Architecture patterns. We will discuss the importance of modularizing your API around the business domain and better subdomain organization. We will briefly go through the main components of a GraphQL API, including resolvers, domain layer, and database layer and how we've evolved them to our new architecture.