November 3 - 4, 2022
TestJS Summit
TestJS Summit 2022

Test JavaScript. Test with JavaScript.

TestJS Summit is getting back in 2023 in hybrid format with the first in-person day streamed from the Berlin venue including hybrid networking features and interactive entertainment; and second day, as well as the numerous free workshops, streamed to the global audience online. TestJS Summit is event for QAs and software developers to get up to date with JS testing best practices, sharpen skills and get latest updates from top products core teams. Get a full ticket to participate in workshops, and network with others JS testing folks on December 7-11, 2023.

27 min
Full-Circle Testing With Cypress
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Cypress has taken the world by storm by brining an easy to use tool for end to end testing. It’s capabilities have proven to be be useful for creating stable tests for frontend applications. But end to end testing is just a small part of testing efforts. What about your API? What about your components? Well, in my talk I would like to show you how we can start with end-to-end tests, go deeper with component testing and then move up to testing our API, circ
21 min
Tiny Tests, Large Results
Yes, Big things do come in small packages. For example, isn’t a unit test’s speed, feedback, and reliability fantastic? Did you know we can also have fast, focused, and reliable feedback from our functional e2e tests? Atomic e2e tests are those that are targeted and focused. They’re tiny in size but large in their impact. This tutorial will teach you how to create atomic e2e tests with several code examples. First, we will use to authenticate by setting a cookie. Instead of using a UI. Second, we will use to set a JSON Web Token for authentication. Join me, and let’s write tiny tests for large results.
20 min
Testing Web Applications with Playwright
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Testing is hard, testing takes time to learn and to write, and time is money. As developers we want to test. We know we should but we don't have time. So how can we get more developers to do testing? We can create better tools.Let me introduce you to Playwright - Reliable end-to-end cross browser testing for modern web apps, by Microsoft and fully open source. Playwright's codegen generates tests for you in JavaScript, TypeScript, Dot Net, Java or Python. Now you really have no excuses. It's time to play your tests wright.
34 min
A Medley of Frontend and Backend Performance Testing
In this talk, I want to introduce you to both frontend and backend performance testing and why a medley of these testing activities are needed to make sure that your website is performant. I'll also give a quick walkthrough as to how tools such as xk6-browser can help with running both protocol-level (how performance testing is normally run through concurrent interactions at the protocol layer) and browser-level tests (testing with real browsers to provide a more realistic performance test).By the end of this talk, you should be equipped with new knowledge regarding frontend and backend performance testing which you can apply to your work projects.
21 min
How to Choose an Automation Tool
What are the aspects you should think when choosing an automation framework. Some main differences on available frameworks.Explain the main differences between the most known frameworks for automation: Selenium, Cypress, Playwright and Robot Framework. Positives and negatives about the frameworks. Depending on the needs of the project your work what is the best framework to use. Small talk about how frameworks integrate with some test management tools.
22 min
5 Habits to Treat Your Test Code Like Production
In this talk, David will talk about 5 habits that you can follow to ensure the same quality as your production code and building test suites that are robust, consistent and help you debug the issues quickly.- Typical journey for teams adopting test automation - 5 habits to follow while building your test suite - Our learnings from a recent refactoring activity
22 min
Machine Learning based Unit Tesing in JavaScript
The talk covers the current scenario of writing test cases in JavaScript and the problems associated with the time and resources spent by companies to write the test cases and the lack of automation in this area.Then the talk will cover how AI and machine learning is being leveraged by tools such as Github Copilot and Ponicode to autogenerate test cases thus simplifying the software testing process.
34 min
Testing CLI Utilities
Ever wondered what is the best way to end-to-end test your custom command line utilities? In this talk Florian Rappl will give you some insights what you can do to automatically verify your CLI tools and avoid regression.- Introduction: Why test CLI tools- Challenges: File system pollution, network and database issues, environment variables- Demo: Showcase issues with a demo CLI tool - Solutions: Test plan implementation, choosing the right level of containerization- Demo: Show solution using the previous CLI tool- Conclusion
17 min
Testing Mail Service With Playwright
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We send emails to our users - account verification and newsletters. We allow the user to contact us by sending an email via inbuild form. Do we? Does the user receive an account verification email or exactly what notification they signed up for? We can cover this functionality as part of E2E tests: get an email and open it to check what is in it. We will need Playwright and a fake SMTP server to capture emails sent by the app.
22 min
Beyond Rest - Contract Testing in the Age of gRPC, Kafka and GraphQL
Modern distributed architectures are more complex than ever before, with a majority of companies operating multiple languages, protocols and architectural styles. This poses significant challenges for engineering teams increasingly asked to deliver more at speed. Whilst the practice of contract testing rose to prominence during the RESTful microservices boom to address similar challenges, the problem statement has evolved. In this talk, we'll discuss these new challenges and demonstrate how contract testing is still as relevant as it has ever been in helping to solve them.
24 min
Unit Testing Angular Applications
Angular offers many things out of the box, including various testing-related functionalities. This presentation will demonstrate how we can build on Angular's solid unit testing fundamentals and apply certain patterns that make testing easier. Topics covered include: test doubles, testing module pattern, harnesses, "recipes" on how to test some common cases, and more!
21 min
Delightful Integration Tests With Testcontainers
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Dockerized services are an excellent tool for creating repeatable, isolated environments ideal for integration tests. In this session, we'll look at the Testcontainers libraries which provide flexible and intuitive API for programmatically controlling lifecycle of your service dependencies in Docker containers. Running databases, Kafka, Elasticsearch, and even cloud technologies, straight from your test code ensures environment config is always up-to-date and consistent during local development and in CI pipelines.You’ll learn everything necessary to start adding powerful integration tests to your codebase without the headache of managing external service dependencies manually!
21 min
Challenges of Testing and Monitoring WebRTC Applications
The pandemic accelerated and ushered in the era of digital transformation. We’ve all been indoctrinated in conducting video calls with others from virtually any device and location.WebRTC is a centerpiece of this world, enabling users to reach out to one another directly from the comforts of their browsers and applications.In this session, Tsahi explains what exactly is WebRTC, how it is different from other web technologies and how you can assure that your WebRTC application gets adopted and successfully used by your clients.
11 min
Using Tests for What?!
In the talk I will explain the pains and problems of form validation Then I will explain the mental model of unit tests, and compare it to how we think about form validations.I will introduce vest with a bit of live coding showing its unit testing syntax.
9 min
Automated Security Testing for JS Apps
Traditional security testing for JS apps has focused on the front-end, but actual security issues most often lie in the backing REST API. Join StackHawk co-founder Scott Gerlach for a quick overview of why you need to rethink how you test your JS apps and how StackHawk can help you find and fix security bugs fast.
23 min
Playwright Can Do This?
Guaranteeing that your application doesn't break while constantly shipping new features is tough. Obviously, with a continually growing app or site, you can't test everything manually all the time!Test automation and monitoring are crucial to avoiding shipping broken apps and sites. But what functionality should you test? When should you run your tests? And aren't complex test suites super slow?In this session, we'll get our hands on Playwright, the end-to-end testing framework, and learn how to automate headless browsers to ensure that you confidently ship new features.
25 min
CCTDD: Cypress Component Test Driven Design
The first part of the talk will focus on a variety of patterns when using Cypress Component Testing and TDD to create React components. The code samples will be from Angular's Tour of Heroes to make the content relatable to a wider community. Currently I am working on a GitBook rewriting it in React using Cypress Component Tests, there should be plenty of content to distill into the talk.The second part of the talk will focus on test strategies, types of testing and where to apply them, and finally compare & contrast them to the familiar industry approaches.We will finish with key takeaways, sample application repos to help with learning, and rollout strategies.
21 min
E2E Tests for Web3 Applications
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We will go through a brief explanation of what is Web3 and the architecture of a web3 application. Then we will talk about how to end-to-end test, its challenges, some test tools that are available, and a demo using cypress and metamask.Agenda: What is Web3; The Architecture of a Web3 Application; Web3 E2E Tests Introduction; Web3 E2E Tests Challenges; E2E Test Tools; Demo.