Florian Rappl
Florian Rappl
Dr. Florian Rappl is a solution architect from Germany who is specialized in the creation of scalable distributed web applications. These days he is almost exclusively working on micro frontend solutions. He wrote a book on the topic and regularly gives workshops at conferences and directly for companies. Florian is a long time Microsoft MVP in the development tools area.
TestJS Summit 2022TestJS Summit 2022
34 min
Testing CLI Utilities
Ever wondered what is the best way to end-to-end test your custom command line utilities? In this talk Florian Rappl will give you some insights what you can do to automatically verify your CLI tools and avoid regression.- Introduction: Why test CLI tools- Challenges: File system pollution, network and database issues, environment variables- Demo: Showcase issues with a demo CLI tool - Solutions: Test plan implementation, choosing the right level of containerization- Demo: Show solution using the previous CLI tool- Conclusion
DevOps.js Conf 2022DevOps.js Conf 2022
8 min
Serverless for Frontends
In this talk micro frontend expert Florian Rappl will introduce the pattern of creating a Siteless UI. This is a frontend composed of different pieces that can be developed independently and are deployed without having or managing any server. Florian will show you how to get started in that space, what decisions to take, and what pitfalls you should avoid.