Artem Zakharchenko
Artem Zakharchenko
Hi! My name is Artem. I'm a self-taught software engineer. I've built this thing called Mock Service Worker, which has changed the lives of developers all around the world. I'm extremely thankful for that. I love testing, and I love writing and teaching about it even more. And coffee, yes, I like that one as well.
TestJS Summit 2023TestJS Summit 2023
27 min
Mock Service Worker 2.0
It's been half a decade since Mock Service Worker (MSW) has changed the way developers approach and think of API mocking in JavaScript. With all its innovation, I felt we could do more. I spent the last year making that happen. I can't wait to share it with all of you!
TestJS Summit 2022TestJS Summit 2022
15 min
Dissecting Complexity in Tests
Learn about the most common reasons for complexity in tests, how it manifests, and how to deal with that complexity to produce elegant tests even for the most complex systems.
TestJS Summit - January, 2021TestJS Summit - January, 2021
25 min
Beyond API Mocking
Mocking is one of the best techniques to separate concerns during testing. When it comes to API mocking, we tend to either stub a request client or replace it with a mocked counterpart entirely. What we’re doing is altering the tested system so it makes requests to a different source, or doesn’t make them at all. That’s mainly because there was no better option. Until now.
In this talk, we’ll go through how to efficiently use API mocking that retains the integrity of your JavaScript application and results in more confident tests. On top of that, I’ll illustrate how to reuse the same mocks on different testing levels, as well as during development and debugging. All that with a single tool in your arsenal.