Lia Moreira
Lia Moreira
I'm a physicist, a ballerina and a programmer! I started my work journey doing some investigation work on particle physics implementing algoriths, after I choose that turning to software developing could be a good fit for me. I moved to fullstack develop and when unit testing appeared in my eyes I knew that programing with testing was the perfect fit for me. Now I dedicate my day in working in automation testing, QA work, studying a lot about how to imrprove my work, and dance.
TestJS Summit 2022TestJS Summit 2022
21 min
How to Choose an Automation Tool
What are the aspects you should think when choosing an automation framework. Some main differences on available frameworks.
Explain the main differences between the most known frameworks for automation: Selenium, Cypress, Playwright and Robot Framework. Positives and negatives about the frameworks. Depending on the needs of the project your work what is the best framework to use. Small talk about how frameworks integrate with some test management tools.