David Burns
David Burns
David Burns, heads the Open Source office at BrowserStack. He is also a core contributor to the Selenium project and Chair for the W3C Browser Testing and Tools Working Group.
TestJS Summit 2023TestJS Summit 2023
89 min
Building out a meaningful test suite that's not all E2E
We're all taught to follow the Testing Pyramid but the reality is that we build out the Testing Christmas Tree. In this workshop, David will talk you through how to break down projects and put the tests where they need to be. By the end of the workshop you will be able to update your projects so that anyone and everyone can start contributing and truly living up to "Quality is everyone job".
He will walk you through:- Component Testing- API Testing- Visual Regression Testing- A11Y testing
He will also talk you through how to get these all setup in your CI/CD pipeline so that you can get shorter and faster feedback loops.
TestJS Summit 2023TestJS Summit 2023
27 min
Testing Frameworks, Mobile Frameworks, and Browsers Love Developers and Testers
Focusing on being where your users are isn't as difficult as you think. A lot of groups out there will tell you that their tool is the best and that even though none of your users use that browser or mobile setup it is fine. In this talk, David will talk about all the differences that come up, why browser vendors are even telling folks not to focus on browser engines or virtual doms, and how the setup of development environments is simple to set up these days.

By ignoring the love that is being pushed to developers and testers through the work being done there can be tests that are passing but your users are failing to use your application! Don't worry, David will have the real world examples to show you how broken things are :)
TestJS Summit 2022TestJS Summit 2022
22 min
5 Habits to Treat Your Test Code Like Production
In this talk, David will talk about 5 habits that you can follow to ensure the same quality as your production code and building test suites that are robust, consistent and help you debug the issues quickly.- Typical journey for teams adopting test automation - 5 habits to follow while building your test suite - Our learnings from a recent refactoring activity
TestJS Summit 2021TestJS Summit 2021
32 min
Selenium 4 – What's New and How you Can Use it!
Selenium 4 is out and going forward Selenium Webdriver will be completely W3C standardized. Browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE and Edge follow W3C standardization, bringing more standard and stability around selenium commands working uniformly across different real browsers.
Join David Burns, Core Contributor to Selenium as he talks about how this would impact your tests and about the brilliant new features that you can start using straight away. David will show how you can access a site protected basic authentication, identify a DOM mutation, get JS errors or console messages as they happen, use new Print and Window APIs to help with your testing and more.