Filip Voska
Filip Voska
Filip graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb in 2017 and has started his careers at Infinum as JavaScript Engineer. Over the years, FIlip gathered knowledge of various Frontend topics, with focus on Angular, and became Angular Lead Engineer. Some more time passed and Filip started focusing more on soft-skills and became JavaScript Team Lead at Infinum, while still continuing to do Angular development and being involved in architecture-level decision-making. As for FIlip's personal interests and hobbies, he likes PC/Nintendo Switch Gaming, messing around with HiFi gear and mehcnical keyboards, and being a loving husband & father to his wife & child.
TestJS Summit 2022TestJS Summit 2022
24 min
Unit Testing Angular Applications
Angular offers many things out of the box, including various testing-related functionalities. This presentation will demonstrate how we can build on Angular's solid unit testing fundamentals and apply certain patterns that make testing easier. Topics covered include: test doubles, testing module pattern, harnesses, "recipes" on how to test some common cases, and more!