Tiny Things That Throw You Into Chaos: Engineering Leader’s Way Out of Daily Havoc

This talk is scheduled for Jun 14, 22:00
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Probably the most noticeable change engineers experience when they become leaders is the increase of day-to-day chaos. The moment you become responsible for the work of a team or a large area, tasks start coming at you. Dozens of them! Sometimes, per day. And also, questions. From everyone and their dog! And finally, meetings. Lots of them, long and short, exciting and boring... Does it sound familiar?

To me, very. And it took me quite some time to figure out what to do with that. I'm going to share my recipe for taming the chaos with you. I'll talk about the components of that chaos, of reasons that they occur, and about solutions for avoiding it.

14 Jun, 2024
Video transcription, chapters and summary will be available later.