Detox 101: How to write stable end-to-end tests for your React Native application

Workshop from:
React Summit
React Summit 2022

Compared to unit testing, end-to-end testing aims to interact with your application just like a real user. And as we all know it can be pretty challenging. Especially when we talk about Mobile applications.

Tests rely on many conditions and are considered to be slow and flaky. On the other hand - end-to-end tests can give the greatest confidence that your app is working. And if done right - can become an amazing tool for boosting developer velocity.

Detox is a gray-box end-to-end testing framework for mobile apps. Developed by Wix to solve the problem of slowness and flakiness and used by React Native itself as its E2E testing tool.

Join me on this workshop to learn how to make your mobile end-to-end tests with Detox rock.


- iOS/Android: MacOS Catalina or newer

- Android only: Linux

- Install before the workshop


118 min
01 Jul, 2022

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