Tejas Kumar
Tejas Kumar
Tejas Kumar is an international keynote speaker with an engineering background spanning 22 years, from design to frontend to backend to devops. Today, Tejas shares talks at large with developer communities worldwide, equipping them to do their best work.
React Day Berlin 2023React Day Berlin 2023
27 min
React Server Components
React Server Components are a newer way of working with React that is widely adopted in frameworks like Next.js. In this talk, we will look under the surface of how they work and are executed on the server side, and how they fit with server rendering and traditional React apps.
React Advanced Conference 2023React Advanced Conference 2023
39 min
Why Everybody Needs a Framework
The prevalent advice on how to use React today is to use a framework: either to start with one or to incrementally adopt one. This deep-dive talk will explore why, and how to go about this with live code examples.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
107 min
Serverless for React Developers
Intro to serverlessPrior Art: Docker, Containers, and KubernetesActivity: Build a Dockerized application and deploy it to a cloud providerAnalysis: What is good/bad about this approach?Why Serverless is Needed/BetterActivity: Build the same application with serverlessAnalysis: What is good/bad about this approach?
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
23 min
Handling Data at Scale for React Developers
It is very difficult to scale modern web applications to millions of concurrent users. Oftentimes, we've got to provision and consider in-memory Key/Value stores, search engines, analytics engines, and databases, all while preserving traceability through the layers. This talk expands on the technical details of web apps at this scale, and offers a simpler way to achieve the same effect without the technical hassle.
Node Congress 2021Node Congress 2021
36 min
Infrastructure as Code with a Node Focus
This talk explores the power of tech infrastructure as code, allowing organizations to quickly, reliably and reproducibly build up, scale, and tear down real-world infrastructure as needed — with a focus on NodeJS stacks.