Building GraphQL APIs With The Neo4j GraphQL Library & Neo4j AuraDB

Workshop from:
GraphQL Galaxy
GraphQL Galaxy 2022

    Learn how to use the Neo4j GraphQL library to build Node.js GraphQL APIs backed by the Neo4j graph database. This course covers building GraphQL APIs using the Neo4j GraphQL Library and the Neo4j AuraDB cloud-native database to build an e-comerce GraphQL API backed by a native graph database in the cloud.

    Table of contents:

    - Introduction To GraphQL & Neo4j

    - The Neo4j GraphQL Library: modeling a graph with GraphQL type definitions; creating and querying a GraphQL API using the Neo4j GraphQL Library

    - Adding Custom Logic With Cypher And Custom Resolvers: using the @cypher GraphQL schema directive; adding custom resolver functions with the Neo4j GraphQL Library

    - Authorization With The Neo4j GraphQL Library: working with JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) to authenticate your API users; using the @auth GraphQL schema directive to attach authorization rules to your GraphQL API


    No local setup is required for the workshop. We will make use of Codesandbox (a browser-based tool for editing and running code in the browser) and Neo4j AuraDB, a free managed database service. Some familiarity with GraphQL and JavaScript is helpful, however not strictly required. No experience with Neo4j is necessary.

    146 min
    06 Dec, 2022

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