Uri Goldshtein
Uri Goldshtein
Uri Goldshtein is the founder of The Guild, the largest open source group in the GraphQL ecosystem. They support large companies to go through successful technological transformations.
GraphQL Galaxy 2021GraphQL Galaxy 2021
130 min
Everything You Need to Get Your GQL Server Production Ready
There are always a lot of questions and conference talks about bringing GraphQL servers into production, but there aren’t a lot of good concrete steps and actions to follow. In the workshop Uri (The founder of The Guild) will walk you through The Guild’s process of bringing GraphQL Server into production.

We will add:

- Powerful Caching
- Logging, Monitoring and tracing
- Security features like Auth, Error Masking, Persisted Operations, Depth and Rate limit
If you are planning to have your GraphQL server running in production, this is a must have workshop for you!
React Summit Remote Edition 2020React Summit Remote Edition 2020
15 min
GraphQL Mesh – Query Anything, Run Anywhere
In this talk I will demonstrate the new GraphQL Mesh library that was recently announced. GraphQL Mesh changes a lot of the traditional ideas about GraphQL and its relationship with other API protocols.It can automatically generate a GraphQL API from openapi/Swagger, gRPC, SOAP, oData and others without changing the source and merge them all schemas into a single schema - Schema Stitching for any source!In this talk I will share some of the original ideas behind it and my opinions on how the future looks for API consumption and exposure.
GraphQL Galaxy 2020GraphQL Galaxy 2020
167 min
From a fully featured Apollo Server into no-code GraphQL Mesh with the same functionality
In this workshop, we will start with a fully featured Apollo Server, that calls multiple data sources. We’ll gradually introduce GraphQL Mesh into that code, seeing all the different benefits. Commits commit we will add type-safety and remove manual code until the last commit, where we will remove all the manual code and stay with just a simple configuration. That way you’ll learn about all the different ways you could use GraphQL Mesh and decide where and how it can best serve you in your existing applications.
GraphQL Galaxy 2020GraphQL Galaxy 2020
34 min
GraphQL Anywhere - Our Journey With GraphQL Mesh and Schema Stitching
During our work with many different clients from all shapes and sizes, The Guild had to come up with all kinds of innovative solutions to help customers achieve the most out of GraphQL and help adopt it more easily. During that talk I will mention how you could use GraphQL in places you though it wasn’t possible, share open source tools to help you and provide new perspectives about why GraphQL is a great technology.