Apollo is a set of JavaScript libraries that helps developers quickly build and scale their applications. It provides an easy-to-use GraphQL client and server, allowing developers to query, mutate, and manage data with ease. Apollo also offers caching, error handling, and other features that make it easier to work with complex data. Apollo can be used with any JavaScript framework and can be integrated into existing projects or used as the foundation for new ones.
React Advanced Conference 2023React Advanced Conference 2023
28 min
The Rocky Journey of Data Fetching Libraries in React’s New Streaming SSR
If you use the Next.js app directory, you might not even have noticed it, but you are not only using React Server Components, but you are also using the new streaming SSR feature of React.That means that on first page load, your Client Components will now be server-side rendered, suspense boundary by suspense boundary, and constantly streamed to the client, where they are rehydrated piece-by-piece.
If you combine that with suspense for data fetching in your client components, you will suddenly be facing hydration mismatches - as your client components will start fetching data on the server, but the data will not be transported to the client.
In this talk, I will go over the rocky journey that we had to go through to support suspense for data fetching in Streaming SSR with Apollo Client, looking at all the curious timing problems that come up with these technologies, and how we try to solve them as best as we can - always with the best possible user and developer experience in mind.
React Advanced Conference 2023React Advanced Conference 2023
29 min
How to Use Suspense and GraphQL with Apollo to Build Great User Experiences
For many app developers, GraphQL is instrumental in building great user experiences. With the introduction of React Suspense, developers have an ergonomic way to orchestrate loading states to improve upon the status quo. In this talk, the Apollo Client team will show you how we built a non-trivial application using Apollo Client’s new Suspense features, GraphQL features like the @defer directive, and how to combine them to build great user experiences in your own apps.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
23 min
The Apollo Cache is Your Friend, if You Get To Know It
In this talk, I plan to discuss how the apollo cache works in practice, how important ID's are to the process and how one can leverage it (through the way they query/mutate and through schema design). To add to this I want to share some caching patterns and best practices used at Shopify and beyond to solve problems.
GraphQL Galaxy 2021GraphQL Galaxy 2021
21 min
GraphQL + Apollo + Next.js: A Lovely Trio
Modern frontend applications want to efficiently query data on page load and navigate, format the data with TypeScript, and cache data between repeat requests. Setting that all up on your own is a chore... but with Apollo and Next.js, you can set up your client to auto-generate TypeScript types, cache query results intelligently, and generally be a breeze to work with.
GraphQL Galaxy 2021GraphQL Galaxy 2021
24 min
The Secret to Graph Onboarding
"What is GraphQL used for?” “How do I find the fields I need?” “How do I test queries against a local graph?” All of these are common and valid questions that developers who are learning GraphQL have when they are first getting started with a unified graph. The secret to overcoming these challenges? You guessed it, Apollo Studio! In this session, we’ll dive into the best tools in Apollo Studio to help new (and experienced) developers feel confident when querying and collaborating on a unified graph