Building a Custom Component Library – Fast


If your company is anything like the ones I’ve worked for, you have apps with seven different button designs, three different datepickers, and a bizarre collection of dropdowns that may or may not be accessible. A growing trend to deal with this inconsistency is to build a custom design system or component library. Essentially, you build The One Way™ to create a datepicker for your organization, and ask that the rest of your company to conform to your new system. But building a component library comes with a lot of challenges, like, which frameworks or libraries should you use (if any)? How do you make sure your components are accessible? And how to you distribute your components so your whole company can use them? In this lightning talk you’ll learn how to build a component library fast building on top of a library like Kendo UI. You’ll learn tips & tricks on how to get up and running, how to customize components, and how to distribute components throughout your organization.

9 min
09 Jun, 2021

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