Watch the best React talks from the 2020/2021 season

Jan Tomes
Jan Tomes
8 min
02 Aug, 2021

It doesn't matter if you're only learning ReactJS fundamentals or you're ready to boost your skills with advanced courses, the remote conferences brought a number of great presentations for everyone over the past 12+ months. We've selected the top ones available online.

React, the favorite library of web and mobile developers alike, doesn't need a long introduction. The framework has become essential for creating modern applications, and while other JS tools have expanded or revised it, React is still the one to beat. 

That's why we've compiled the following list of great conference talks from 2020/2021 – the season of COVID but also the season of awesome remote events – that will guide you through all things React, from state management to improving performance. We highly recommend that you watch these if you want to improve your next JavaScript project!

Shawn Swyx Wang: Lessons to outlive React

There was a time before React, and there will be time after it. If you tie yourself too closely to any technology, you might trap yourself and miss the next wave. So let's zoom out from the state management library 'du jour' — what timeless lessons can we learn from React? 

In the talk, Shawn Swyx Wang discusses the lessons he's learned from studying React, especially the ones that are going to stick with him for the rest of his career.

Sara Vieira: React is hard but not why you may think

React is hard. There are many resources for getting started, but things can get complex and confusing when writing full-blown applications. Navigating the React ecosystem is a lot to take in and sometimes highly overwhelming. With this talk, Sara hopes to help you understand some of its 'gotchas' more clearly while giving you some confidence when building bigger React apps.

Brandon Bayer: The dawning of a new age for fullstack React

New frameworks like Blitz.js and Redwood.js are ushering us into a new era for full-stack development. They are mixing old concepts and ideas with cutting edge technologies to make full-stack developers more productive than ever. Brandon Bayer's talk will take you on a journey through time and show you the exciting things that lie ahead.

Kent C. Dodds: Managing React application state management

Application state management is one of the hardest parts of building and maintaining React applications. One thing that makes it complicated is when you aren't thoughtful about how that state is organized and categorized in your app. There are different kinds of state, and they require different approaches for management. And when you try to treat all app state the same, that's when problems come into play. 

Kent C. Dodds' talk deals with what some of those categories are and how you can drastically simplify your application code and improve your app's performance thinking about and organizing your state differently.

David Khourshid: XState – The visual future of state management

With this talk David Khourshid, you'll learn how state modeling with state machines and statecharts can improve the way you develop your React applications. You'll also get a sneak peek of never-before-seen visual tools that will take state management to the next level.

Paul Henschel: Making games in React

Paul Henschel's talk focuses on react-three-fiber — and with his guidance, you'll be making a mini-game. You'll see how you can make it through all the heavy boilerplate and math without losing your mind, even when you're a beginner. You'll also see how to translate the process to anything, be it a game or a website with some exciting visuals and effects.

Omri Bruchim (Wix): Making your React Native app fast

In the past five years, the Wix mobile app has gone through quite a bit: a brand new look was launched, a large number of features were added in a short time, and the number of users tripled. Unfortunately, one implication of product growth is slower performance, especially when it comes to seamless transitions, fluent animations, and the general slickness of the app. 

Wix made a tremendous effort to improve these regressions, and the ongoing efforts have so far resulted in almost 60% cumulative improvement in all performance metrics. In his talk, Omri Bruchim from Wix dives deep into all of the secret ingredients for better performance in React Native applications and gives practical examples on improving startup time, responsive gestures, and preload prioritization. 

Nader Dabit: Next.js on AWS

In this video, you'll learn how to implement authentication in a Next.js app using AWS Amplify and Amazon Cognito. Nader Dabit's talk covers everything from SSR authentication, SSR redirects, protected routes, client-side redirects, and authenticating a request in an API route.

8 min
02 Aug, 2021

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