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React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
21 min
Scale Your React App without Micro-frontends
As your team grows and becomes multiple teams, the size of your codebase follows. You get to 100k lines of code and your build time dangerously approaches the 10min mark 😱 But that’s not all, your static CI checks (linting, type coverage, dead code) and tests are also taking longer and longer...
How do you keep your teams moving fast and shipping features to users regularly if your PRs take forever to be tested and deployed?
After exploring a few options we decided to go down the Nx route. Let’s look at how to migrate a large codebase to Nx and take advantage of its incremental builds!
JSNation 2022JSNation 2022
25 min
The Age of Monorepos
The history of the web can be divided into evolutionary development leaps. The age of inline scripts, the age of jQuery, the age of SPAs, the age of JAMStack...
We are now entering the next stage that has been carefully prepared in the past few years. Let me invite you to the world of modern monorepo solutions and share with you the benefits you will reap by using them in every project size and setup. It's time you automate those boilerplate tasks and reduce the bottlenecks so you can focus on what truly matters.
Get ready for the next leap! Welcome to the age of monorepos!

Workshops on related topic

React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
146 min
React at Scale with Nx
Workshop Free
We're going to be using Nx and some its plugins to accelerate the development of this app.
Some of the things you'll learn:
- Generating a pristine Nx workspace
- Generating frontend React apps and backend APIs inside your workspace, with pre-configured proxies
- Creating shared libs for re-using code
- Generating new routed components with all the routes pre-configured by Nx and ready to go
- How to organize code in a monorepo
- Easily move libs around your folder structure
- Creating Storybook stories and e2e Cypress tests for your components
Table of contents: 
- Lab 1 - Generate an empty workspace
- Lab 2 - Generate a React app
- Lab 3 - Executors
- Lab 3.1 - Migrations
- Lab 4 - Generate a component lib
- Lab 5 - Generate a utility lib
- Lab 6 - Generate a route lib
- Lab 7 - Add an Express API
- Lab 8 - Displaying a full game in the routed game-detail component
- Lab 9 - Generate a type lib that the API and frontend can share
- Lab 10 - Generate Storybook stories for the shared ui component
- Lab 11 - E2E test the shared component
Node Congress 2023Node Congress 2023
160 min
Node Monorepos with Nx
Workshop Free
Multiple apis and multiple teams all in the same repository can cause a lot of headaches, but Nx has you covered. Learn to share code, maintain configuration files and coordinate changes in a monorepo that can scale as large as your organisation does. Nx allows you to bring structure to a repository with hundreds of contributors and eliminates the CI slowdowns that typically occur as the codebase grows.
Table of contents:
- Lab 1 - Generate an empty workspace
- Lab 2 - Generate a node api
- Lab 3 - Executors
- Lab 4 - Migrations
- Lab 5 - Generate an auth library
- Lab 6 - Generate a database library
- Lab 7 - Add a node cli
- Lab 8 - Module boundaries
- Lab 9 - Plugins and Generators - Intro
- Lab 10 - Plugins and Generators - Modifying files
- Lab 11 - Setting up CI
- Lab 12 - Distributed caching