Bringing your React Web App to native with Capacitor

Workshop from:
React Summit
React Summit 2022

So, you have a killer React app you've built and want to take it from your web browser to the App Store. Sure, there are a lot of options here, but most will require you to maintain separate apps for each platform. You want your codebase to be as close as possible across Web, Android, and iOS. Thankfully, with Capacitor, you can take your existing web app and quickly create native iOS and Android apps for distribution on your favorite App Store!

This workshop is aimed at intermediate developers that have an existing React application, or are interested in mobile development with React. We will go over:

What is Capacitor

How does it compare to other cross-platform solutions

Using Capacitor to build a native application using your existing web code

Tidying up our application for distribution on mobile app stores with naming conventions, icons, splashscreens and more.

92 min
04 Jul, 2022

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