Ante Tomić
Ante Tomić
Ante is a skilled and hearing-impaired Senior Software Engineer at Infobip with a strong interest in Web and the technical side of it. With permanent 55% hearing loss in both ears, he’s a testament to the power of determination and hard work which often speaks louder than words. He has a big love and soft spot for rubber ducks and excels at presenting and educating, React, JavaScript, Node.JS, build processes, automation and improving developer and customer experiences. He always shares his own experiences, especially in accessibility. Ante's goal is to always improve, making things more efficient and user-friendly. When he steps away from coding, Ante enjoys discovering new music, long and scenic walks, and capturing the beauty of the world through his hobby of photography, traveling, and travel blogging. As a big extrovert at heart, he’s always up for sharing a laugh, interesting travel stories, or discussing the latest tech topics. Approachable and driven, Ante shows that hearing impairment is just a part of his journey, not the end of his story. If you have a moment, his doors are always open for a chat, so don't hesitate to start a discussion with him - he is more than happy to connect and talk with you!
DevOps.js Conf 2024DevOps.js Conf 2024
21 min
Guardians of the Applications: Conquering Node.JS App Monitoring
Ever struggled with monitoring in your Node.JS apps? Not anymore! By sharing the good, the bad, and the hair-pulling from our own experiences, I want to help you steer clear of monitoring chaos. We’ll see how truly knowing how your apps work help you have more focused monitoring. This allows you to dodge black holes checkbox monitoring can have as you can make sure that important metrics and alerts are not swallowed. Additionally, we’ll see how strategic and focused logging, monitoring, and alerting with tools like Graylog, Grafana and Prometheus can supercharge your app’s resilience. Join to uncover how reliability and monitoring patterns and anti-patterns can help improve app quality. You will return armed with invaluable insights that can skyrocket your monitoring game!
DevOps.js Conf 2022DevOps.js Conf 2022
22 min
The Lazy Developer Guide: How to Automate Code Updates?
How to update hundreds of projects all at once? With organizations rapidly growing, demand for the scalability of the teams grows which directly impacts projects structure and ownership. The usual dilemma is mono- vs. multi-repos, but ... What if I tell you that it does not matter much? Both approaches can punch you in the face at some point, so perhaps it is better to think bottom-up.
Today I will walk you through some of the biggest challenges that exist in both approaches and those are managing dependencies across a few hundred projects, global code updates and many other things. I will also show you examples of how we solved this inside Infobip through building our own internal libraries.
React Finland 2021React Finland 2021
26 min
Continuous Localization in Enterprise Web Projects
Did you know that 50% of users will NOT use the English version of your application, if it supports multiple languages? For ambitious high-growth businesses, going global is not "if" but "when" so it's important to recognize the importance of localization, especially in large multi-team projects. This discussion will explore the depths of localization in Agile companies and what can be achieved with a Continuous Localization system. I'll share some common issues we faced with multi-language products and how localization automation helped us to scale the process across many product teams within the company.