TypeScript for Library Authors: Harnessing the Power of TypeScript for DX


Using real-life open-source examples, we'll explore the power of TypeScript to improve your users' experience. We'll cover best practices for library authors, as well as tips and tricks for how to take a library to the next level. This talk will cover: 

- how to leverage the type inference to provide help to your users; 

- using types to reduce the need and complexity of your documentation - for example, using function overloads, string literal types, and helper (no-op) functions; 

- setting up testing to ensure your library works (and your types do too!) with tools like tsd and expect-type; 

- treating types as an API and reducing breaking changes whilst shipping enhancements; 

- I'd draw on my experience with libraries like nuxt3, sanity-typed-queries and typed-vuex and show what we managed to do and what I'd do differently in future. 

Daniel Roe
Daniel Roe
25 min

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