Matt Pocock
Matt Pocock
Matt is an independent TypeScript educator, building awesome self-paced courses at Total TypeScript.
React Day Berlin 2023React Day Berlin 2023
Dec 8, 15:50
React's Most Useful Types
We don't think of React as shipping its own types. But React's types are a core part of the framework - overseen by the React team, and co-ordinated with React's major releases.
In this live coding talk, we'll look at all the types you've been missing out on. How do you get the props type from a component? How do you know what ref a component takes? Should you use React.FC? And what's the deal with JSX.Element?
You'll walk away with a bunch of exciting ideas to take to your React applications, and hopefully a new appreciation for the wonders of React and TypeScript working together.
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
21 min
TypeScript and React: Secrets of a Happy Marriage
TypeScript and React are inseparable. What's the secret to their successful union? Quite a lot of surprisingly strange code. Learn why useRef always feels weird, how to wrangle generics in custom hooks, and how union types can transform your components.