Melanie de Leeuw
Melanie de Leeuw
Melanie loves being a software engineer. The infinite loop of bugs, puzzles and learning make of everyday a new adventure. Her specialty and the love of her life is Vue.js, but lately she has been adding Nuxt.js and Node.js to the party. When she is not working as a software engineer at Capgemini, she uses her web development skills to remove micro plastic in the waters of the world. Her goal in this life is to work towards a more sustainable way of life, meaning that her hobbies include sailing the world, documenting underwater micro-life, and picking up trash with podcasts blasting. She is always trying on many different hats: trainer, team lead, community builder, talker, organizer. But the hat that fits best is developer.
JSNation 2022JSNation 2022
141 min
Going on an adventure with Nuxt 3, Motion UI and Azure
We love easily created and deployed web applications! So, let’s see what a very current tech stack like Nuxt 3, Motion UI and Azure Static Web Apps can do for us. It could very well be a golden trio in modern day web development. Or it could be a fire pit of bugs and errors. Either way it will be a learning adventure for us all. Nuxt 3 has been released just a few months ago, and we cannot wait any longer to explore its new features like its acceptance of Vue 3 and the Nitro Engine. We add a bit of pizzazz to our application with the Sass library Motion UI, because static design is out, and animations are in again.Our driving power of the stack will be Azure. Azure static web apps are new, close to production and a nifty and quick way for developers to deploy their websites. So of course, we must try this out.With some sprinkled Azure Functions on top, we will explore what web development in 2022 can do.