The Inner Workings of Vite Build

Vite unbundled ESM dev server and fast HMR are game-changing for DX. But Vite also shines when building your production applications.

This talk will dive into how the main pieces fit together to bundle and minify your code:

  • Vite build as an opinionated Rollup setup.
  • How esbuild is used as a fast TS and JSX transpile and a minifier.
  • The production plugins pipeline.

Modern frameworks (Nuxt, SvelteKit, Astro, among others) have chosen Vite, augmenting the DX and optimizations for their target use case.

We'll discover Vite as a polished and extendable toolkit to craft optimized modern apps.

Matias Capeletto
Matias Capeletto
31 min

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