Scalable GraphQL Applications Powered by Cloud-ready Distributed SQL Database

Cloud native application development revolves around faster prototyping and building scalable applications for handling internet-scale traffic. GraphQL, with its roots in providing a flexible way to access data for UX applications, enables faster prototyping, leading to considerable adoption of GraphQL across different workloads. Increased adoption of GraphQL APIs in mission-critical applications prompts developers to think about the scalability challenges of the GraphQL APIs and corresponding backing database.

YugateDB, an open-source Distributed SQL database designed for cloud native applications from the ground up, is emerging as the popular option for building scalable and resilient GraphQL APIs. This talk will go over the features and deployment topologies of YugateDB, which allows developers to scale the relational queries of the GraphQL APIs seamlessly while not compromising on the PostgreSQL compatibility and features like triggers and functions.

Nikhil Chandrappa
Nikhil Chandrappa
8 min

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