Crash Course into TypeScript for content from headless CMS

Workshop from:
React Summit
React Summit 2022

In this workshop, I’ll first show you how to create a new project in a headless CMS, fill it with data, and use the content in your project. Then, we’ll spend the rest of time in code, we will:

- Generate strongly typed models and structure for the fetched content.

- Use the content in components

- Resolve content from rich text fields into React components

- Touch on deployment pipelines and possibilities for discovering content-related issues before hitting production

You will learn:

- How to work with content from headless CMS

- How content model can be leveraged to generate TS types and what benefits it brings to your project

- How not to use string literals for content in code anymore

- How to do rich text resolution into React components

- How to minimize or avoid content-related issues before hitting production

Ondrej Polesny
Ondrej Polesny
99 min

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