Alexander Johansson
Alexander Johansson
I am Alex 👋, a fully-stacked TypeScripter from Sweden & the creator of tRPC. Been doing html since the late 90s, started a company in 2006 selling Counter-Strike servers & got my first official coding job in 2009. Since then, I have been on 5 continents, lived/worked on 3, and worked for everything from sub 5 people startups to big banks - as a consultant, employee, and founder. From Sweden, living in Malmö. Speak Swedish, English and rusty (Brazilian) Portuguese + Spanish.
React Advanced Conference 2021React Advanced Conference 2021
6 min
Full-stack & typesafe React (+Native) apps with
Why are we devs so obsessed with decoupling things that are coupled nature? tRPC is a library that replaces the need for GraphQL or REST for internal APIs. When using it, you simply write backend functions whose input and output shapes are instantly inferred in your frontend without any code generation; making writing API schemas a thing of the past. It's lightweight, not tied to React, HTTP-cacheable, and can be incrementally adopted. In this talk, I'll give a glimpse of the DX you can get from tRPC and how (and why) to get started.