Building for Web & Mobile with Expo


We know that React is for the web and React Native is for Android and iOS. But have you heard of react-native-web—for writing an app for Android, iOS, and the web in one codebase? Just like React Native abstracts away the details of iOS and Android, React Native Web extracts away the details of the browser as well. This opens up the possibility of even more code sharing across platforms.

In this workshop you’ll walk through setting up the skeleton for a React Native Web app that works great and looks awesome. You can use the resulting codebase as a foundation to build whatever app you like on top of it, using the React paradigms and many JavaScript libraries you’re used to. You might be surprised how many types of app don’t really require a separate mobile and web codebase!

You will know:

- Setting up drawer and stack navigators with React Navigation, including responsiveness

- Configuring React Navigation with URLs

- Setting up React Native Paper including styling the React Navigation drawer and headers

- Setting up a custom color theme that supports dark mode

- Configuring favicons/app icons and metadata

- What to do when you can’t or don’t want to provide the same functionality on web and mobile


- Familiarity with building applications with either React or React Native. You do not need to know both.

- Machine setup: Node LTS, Yarn, be able to successfully create and run a new Expo app following the instructions on

162 min
27 Oct, 2022

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