A Tale of Two Codebases


Anybody can write code that “works.” But what makes the best engineers stand out is their ability to create solutions that are clear, concise, testable and easy to understand and maintain. Join us as we explore two of React’s most powerful tools for well-architected solutions by starting with a suboptimal game codebase and refactoring it using industry best practices such as custom hooks, higher-order components (HOCs) and contexts.

- Introduction of the initial implementation and description of its issues.

- Presentation of the tools available to improve the code base.

- The mindset behind architecting clean solutions and refactoring.

- Highlevel passthrough of the code and creation of the plan.

- Extraction of code into utility functions.

- Extraction of state and effects into custom hooks.

- Grouping behavior into HOC.

- Creation of root level context and child components cleanup.

- Result overview and discussion of possible future improvements.

- How to keep your code clean, rules to follow and limitations to impose.


A computer with git installed and a GitHub account.


139 min
13 Oct, 2022

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