Web APIs with Sails

Workshop from:
Node Congress
Node Congress 2021

The "Web APIs with Sails" workshop focuses on creating Node.js web APIs with the Sails framework.

The workshop begins with a beginner's introduction to the Sails framework, we touch on getting started with Sails, installing Sails in your machine, then touch on Sails framework philosophy, concepts, and features.

We continue with the hands-on building of a Web API in Sails from Scratch and test the endpoints with Postman. We round up writing tests for the endpoints, setting up a GitHub action to run our tests when we push to GitHub then deploy our Web API to Heroku cloud.


A good understanding of JavaScript and Node.js fundamentals. I prefer to use VS Code for code editing but you can use and editor you want. I expect a preinstall of Node.js and NPM

118 min
02 Aug, 2021

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