Advanced in the context of JavaScript means having a deep understanding of the language and its features. This includes being able to write complex code that makes use of advanced language features such as closures, prototypes, classes, and asynchronous programming. Advanced JavaScript developers are also capable of creating custom libraries and frameworks to extend the language’s capabilities. Additionally, they should be able to debug and optimize their code to ensure it runs efficiently.
React Performance Debugging Masterclass
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
170 min
React Performance Debugging Masterclass
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Ivan Akulov
Ivan Akulov
Ivan’s first attempts at performance debugging were chaotic. He would see a slow interaction, try a random optimization, see that it didn't help, and keep trying other optimizations until he found the right one (or gave up).
Back then, Ivan didn’t know how to use performance devtools well. He would do a recording in Chrome DevTools or React Profiler, poke around it, try clicking random things, and then close it in frustration a few minutes later. Now, Ivan knows exactly where and what to look for. And in this workshop, Ivan will teach you that too.
Here’s how this is going to work. We’ll take a slow app → debug it (using tools like Chrome DevTools, React Profiler, and why-did-you-render) → pinpoint the bottleneck → and then repeat, several times more. We won’t talk about the solutions (in 90% of the cases, it’s just the ol’ regular useMemo() or memo()). But we’ll talk about everything that comes before – and learn how to analyze any React performance problem, step by step.
(Note: This workshop is best suited for engineers who are already familiar with how useMemo() and memo() work – but want to get better at using the performance tools around React. Also, we’ll be covering interaction performance, not load speed, so you won’t hear a word about Lighthouse 🤐)
Everything You Need to Get Your GQL Server Production Ready
GraphQL Galaxy 2021GraphQL Galaxy 2021
130 min
Everything You Need to Get Your GQL Server Production Ready
Uri Goldshtein
Uri Goldshtein
There are always a lot of questions and conference talks about bringing GraphQL servers into production, but there aren’t a lot of good concrete steps and actions to follow. In the workshop Uri (The founder of The Guild) will walk you through The Guild’s process of bringing GraphQL Server into production.

We will add:

- Powerful Caching
- Logging, Monitoring and tracing
- Security features like Auth, Error Masking, Persisted Operations, Depth and Rate limit
If you are planning to have your GraphQL server running in production, this is a must have workshop for you!