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Node Congress 2024Node Congress 2024
19 min
Biome, Toolchain of the Web
Biome wants to provide an all-in-one experience for web developers while maintaining performance and quality. Emanuele, lead maintainer of the Biome project, will walk through Biome’s tools:- A formatter with 97% compatibility with Prettier of JavaScript, JSX, TypeScript and TSX files.- A linter that offers informative and descriptive diagnostics, with modern lint rules exclusive to Biome and others inspired by the most famous ESlint plugins.- An opinionated import sorting. An excellent tool offered by Biome Analyser.- First-class support for editors that support LSP. What you get from the CLI, you get in your editor.
At the end, Emanuele will discuss the plans for 2024 and what the team would like to achieve this year.
TestJS Summit 2023TestJS Summit 2023
78 min
Mastering Node.js Test Runner
Node.js test runner is modern, fast, and doesn't require additional libraries, but understanding and using it well can be tricky. You will learn how to use Node.js test runner to its full potential. We'll show you how it compares to other tools, how to set it up, and how to run your tests effectively. During the workshop, we'll do exercises to help you get comfortable with filtering, using native assertions, running tests in parallel, using CLI, and more. We'll also talk about working with TypeScript, making custom reports, and code coverage.