The Force of Engineering: Bringing Your Own Star Wars Sidekick to Life

This talk is scheduled for Jun 14, 22:00
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In Star Wars, Pit Droids are repair droids designed to maintain racing vehicles "podracers". These droids are 1.2 meters in height and can fold when not in use. Their funny behavior is explained in a way that they were programmed with a sense of urgency but without enough processing power to perform some complex tasks.

I will show you how I built a realistic Pit Droid and empowered it with NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano. The droid can perform AI object detection, move its head toward the objects, and more. You will also see some other droid projects I worked on.

NVIDIA Developer post:

Hackster project:

Through this session, you will:

- hear how this robot was assembled,

- learn about Azure AI Studio & Azure Custom Vision

- learn how to easily prepare and tag images for model training,

- see how to train a model for object detection,

- analyse images from the camera of the robot,

- control motor and other IoT devices connected to the robot,

- and much more.

I hope this session will give you a great introduction to AI and IoT, and inspire you to build similar projects on your own!"

Goran Vuksic
Goran Vuksic
14 Jun, 2024
Video transcription, chapters and summary will be available later.