#server cache

Server cache is a way of storing data temporarily in a server's memory. It allows for faster access to frequently requested data, as it can be retrieved from the cache instead of having to fetch it from its original source. This helps reduce the load on the server and speeds up the response time for requests. In JavaScript, server caching can be used to store compiled code or other data that can be reused across multiple requests.
Everything You Need to Get Your GQL Server Production Ready
GraphQL Galaxy 2021GraphQL Galaxy 2021
130 min
Everything You Need to Get Your GQL Server Production Ready
Uri Goldshtein
Uri Goldshtein
There are always a lot of questions and conference talks about bringing GraphQL servers into production, but there aren’t a lot of good concrete steps and actions to follow. In the workshop Uri (The founder of The Guild) will walk you through The Guild’s process of bringing GraphQL Server into production.

We will add:

- Powerful Caching
- Logging, Monitoring and tracing
- Security features like Auth, Error Masking, Persisted Operations, Depth and Rate limit
If you are planning to have your GraphQL server running in production, this is a must have workshop for you!