#desktop apps

Desktop apps are applications that are designed to run on a desktop computer, as opposed to running in an internet browser or on a mobile device. They are usually written in languages such as C++ or Java, but with the rise of JavaScript, some desktop apps are now being written in JavaScript. These apps allow users to access data and services stored on their computer, as well as providing a more interactive experience than a web page.
JSNation 2022JSNation 2022
22 min
Tauri Foundations and Futures
Tauri is a rust-based, security-first, open-source application construction framework built on the philosophy of shipping better projects without compromising on our climate goals. This talk will introduce key components and benchmarks of the stable release of the fully-audited framework. Further it will discuss its future as a means of not only delivering desktop and mobile apps, but also its mission of backfitting servo in order to make a fully fledged all-platform webview provider. Finally, we will present our award for "2022's most secure modern web-framework" in the context of webview-based Tauri apps.