Yash Raj Verma
Yash Raj Verma
Yash is a Computing Researcher specializing in distributed systems. He is an advocate for Observability and is deeply passionate about engaging in discussions on various cloud native technologies.
Node Congress 2024Node Congress 2024
7 min
Observability Matters: Enhancing Performance of our Node Application with OpenTelemetry
Have you ever considered that when we encounter terms like observability and reliability, our initial instinct is usually to attribute them solely to SRE concerns? Yet, upon closer examination, one may realize that actually implementing observability is, in essence, more aligned with the domain of developers. After all, developers are the ones who directly implement the actual logic into our existing codebase, and who better to understand and debug their code than the developers themselves? Through this session, we will emphasize on understanding the importance of observability specifically from a developer's perspective. Let's explore some best practices that help us effectively debug the performance of our Node application and how the inclusion of open source frameworks like OpenTelemetry could be beneficial to us.