Ryan Dahl
Ryan Dahl
Ryan is a creator of Node.js and Deno. He studied mathematics at UCSD and the University of Rochester before pursuing software engineering professionally. He has worked in various parts of the software - from server infrastructure to machine learning research. His current role is as the co-founder and CEO of Deno Land Inc.
Node Congress 2023Node Congress 2023
36 min
Deno 2.0
Deno 2.0 is imminent and it's bringing some big changes to the JavaScript runtime. In this talk, we'll introduce the new features including import maps, package.json auto-discovery, and bare specifiers. We'll discuss how these improvements will help address issues like duplicate dependencies and disappearing dependencies. Additionally, we'll delve into the built-in support for deno: specifiers on the deno.land/x registry and its role in providing a recommended path for publishing. Come learn about how these updates will shape the future of the JavaScript ecosystem and improve backwards compatibility with Node applications.