Radoslav Stankov
Radoslav Stankov
Full-stack developer with 18+ years of experience, currently he is head of engineering at Product Hunt (owned by Angel List). In his spare time, he organizes React.NotAConf conference and React.Sofia meetup.
TestJS Summit - January, 2021TestJS Summit - January, 2021
7 min
Testing React Hooks with Confidence
The talk will be presented as a refactoring story - will start from the messy untestable component, cover it with a brittle smoke test, and then show how to move all our react component logic into a custom hook and test this hook. Will present patterns to test things like - useState, effects, and Apollo.
React Summit Remote Edition 2021React Summit Remote Edition 2021
18 min
React Native Architecture at Product Hunt
I'm going to showcase the React Native architecture we use in our new mobile app at Product Hunt. What we learned, among the way. How we moved what we know from web to mobile. Topics will be designing reusable React components, GraphQL, routing in the app, application lifecycle, keyboard controls, toast messages, and others.