Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos
Lucas is a Brazilian programmer, content creator, and professional trainer who works as Senior Software Engineer at Klarna. He's been working working with Web applications for over a decade, especially with JavaScript and TypeScript. He's also a Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP, and Docker Captain who has been talking about technology both nationally and internationally for years. Member & Contributor to Node.js, TC39 Outreach, KEDA Project, and the TypeScript language.
Node Congress 2024Node Congress 2024
17 min
What's New on Node.js Test Runner and Why it's Game-changing
Node's new test runner is pretty cool but not many people are using it yet. In my talk, I'll show you all the neat stuff it can do, including some features I worked on. We'll take a look under the hood of Node to see how mocks work and how to use them. I'll also chat about what's next for the runner and what to expect down the line. Get ready to up your testing game with native assertions and keep things running fast!
TypeScript Congress 2023TypeScript Congress 2023
7 min
TypeScript Survival Guide: Life-Saving Tips and Techniques
Let's go through your survival kit for the TS jungle! In this talk, you'll get the complete TS guide from simple tips to complex techniques that will help you take the most of TypeScript not only in those large production projects, but also in your small hobby idea. We'll explore validations, configuration, typings and much more.