Armin Ayatollahi
Armin Ayatollahi
Armin is a passionate creator by heart, driven by innovation and the power of technology. As a Senior Software Engineer at TechMiners, he crafts cutting-edge tools that empower seasoned tech analysts to deliver unparalleled insights to clients. With a flair for both art and code, Armin finds joy in every challenge, making an impact no matter the medium or toolset.
React Day Berlin 2023React Day Berlin 2023
32 min
Preparing for Success: A Frontend Engineer's Guide to Tech Due Diligence
Imagine being a knight preparing for a jousting tournament, but your horse is more interested in the fair's hay bales than your impending duel. That's what prepping your tech department for an investment round or exit can feel like sometimes. This talk provides an in-depth look into the role of a frontend engineer, especially working with React, in preparing a tech department for an investment round or an exit. Through a unique lens of tech due diligence, the presentation uncovers the importance of good practices, solid architecture, efficient documentation, and more.