Cecelia Martinez
Cecelia Martinez
Cecelia Martinez is a Developer Advocate for Appflow at Ionic, a company that helps web developers build cross-platform applications using modern technology. She is dedicated to creating better, more inclusive developer experiences for all. Previous companies include Cypress and Replay, with areas of expertise including web & mobile development, testing, developer tools, and open source. She is a Lead Volunteer with Women Who Code FrontEnd, Chapter Head of Out in Tech Atlanta, and a GitHub Star.
TestJS Summit 2023TestJS Summit 2023
28 min
Mobile Device Testing for Cross-Platform Apps
Testing your React Native, Capacitor, or other cross-platform apps on mobile devices is a critical but complex step of deployment. If you’re used to web testing, navigating the options for iOS and Android can be daunting. This session will cover virtual & real device options, native build types for test deployments, how to deliver apps to testers, and even how to run automated tests against real devices.
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
9 min
Automating React Native Deployments
In this talk Cecelia will walk through some options for integrating automation into your React Native deployments, including configuration, testing, code signing, and app store uploads. Whether you are just getting started with automation or want to build a full CI/CD pipeline, this talk will have tactical examples you can start using for your own React Native app.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
7 min
Code Signing React Native Apps
You've built a React Native app and now it's time to get it in the hands of your users. If you're used to web, dealing with mobile-specific deployment issues can be a struggle. There are native build hardware and config requirements, signing certificates, app store approvals, app versions, pushing updates, and more. You also have to consider all the tooling options -- do you manually deploy on your own, use a React Native-specific solution, or try to configure web CI/CD for mobile? This crash course will outline the build and ship process and review some common tools in the React Native ecosystem so you can feel confident deploying and get back to developing.
JSNation 2023JSNation 2023
23 min
Mobile Deployments for Web Developers
It's easier than ever to use JavaScript to build native mobile applications. But for web developers building in the mobile ecosystem for the first time, deploying cross-platform apps built with tools like Capacitor or React Native can be complex. Learn about the mobile-specific deployment considerations through the lens of a web developer, including the key differences between mobile and web, how to develop a deployment strategy, and how to evaluate tooling options.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
88 min
Deploying React Native Apps in the Cloud
Deploying React Native apps manually on a local machine can be complex. The differences between Android and iOS require developers to use specific tools and processes for each platform, including hardware requirements for iOS. Manual deployments also make it difficult to manage signing credentials, environment configurations, track releases, and to collaborate as a team.
Appflow is the cloud mobile DevOps platform built by Ionic. Using a service like Appflow to build React Native apps not only provides access to powerful computing resources, it can simplify the deployment process by providing a centralized environment for managing and distributing your app to multiple platforms. This can save time and resources, enable collaboration, as well as improve the overall reliability and scalability of an app.
In this workshop, you’ll deploy a React Native application for delivery to Android and iOS test devices using Appflow. You’ll also learn the steps for publishing to Google Play and Apple App Stores. No previous experience with deploying native applications is required, and you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of the mobile deployment process and best practices for how to use a cloud mobile DevOps platform to ship quickly at scale.
DevOps.js Conf 2022DevOps.js Conf 2022
124 min
Debugging JavaScript Apps in CI/CD
- Causes of failed builds in CI/CD pipelines- Approaches to debugging (reviewing logs, accessing environments, reproducing issues)- Debugging application-related causes (failing tests, failed application builds)- Debugging pipeline-related causes (pipeline setup, environment issues, container issues)
TestJS Summit 2021TestJS Summit 2021
114 min
Flaky Test Management with Cypress
This workshop is for Cypress users who want to step up their game against flake in their test suites. Leveraging the Cypress Real World App, we’ll cover the most common causes of flake, code through some examples of how to make tests more flake resistant, and review best practices for detecting and mitigating flake to increase confidence and reliability.

Table of contents:
- Cypress Real World App Overview
- What is Flake?
- Causes of Flake
- Managing Network-related Flake (Activity)
- Managing Dom-relate Flake (Activity)
- Flake Detection and Mitigation Best Practices
- Q&A
TestJS Summit 2021TestJS Summit 2021
33 min
Network Requests with Cypress
Top Content
Whether you're testing your UI or API, Cypress gives you all the tools needed to work with and manage network requests. This intermediate-level task demonstrates how to use the cy.request and cy.intercept commands to execute, spy on, and stub network requests while testing your application in the browser. Learn how the commands work as well as use cases for each, including best practices for testing and mocking your network requests.