January 27 - 28, 2021
TestJS Summit
TestJS Summit - January, 2021

Test JavaScript. Test with JavaScript.

TestJS Summit is getting back in 2023 in hybrid format with the first in-person day streamed from the Berlin venue including hybrid networking features and interactive entertainment; and second day, as well as the numerous free workshops, streamed to the global audience online. TestJS Summit is event for QAs and software developers to get up to date with JS testing best practices, sharpen skills and get latest updates from top products core teams. Get a full ticket to participate in workshops, and network with others JS testing folks on December 7-11, 2023.

173 min
Testing Web Applications Using Cypress
This workshop will teach you the basics of writing useful end-to-end tests using Cypress Test Runner.
We will cover writing tests, covering every application feature, structuring tests, intercepting network requests, and setting up the backend data.
Anyone who knows JavaScript programming language and has NPM installed would be able to follow along.

197 min
Introduction to JS Functional Testing at Scale
In this workshop we will take a look at the JavaScript framework landscape for automated functional testing, such as Puppeteer, Playright, Cypress, and others. We will explore what their differences are and how to choose the right tool for your project. Then, we will look at various scenarios, from basic functional test concepts to complex visual and frontend performance tests and complete the session with scaling up our solution using a cloud vendor like Sauce Labs.

127 min
Uniform Browser Automation Infrastructure
In this workshop, I will show you how to quickly deploy and use browser automation infrastructure with Moon solution. We will start deploying everything on your workstation and will soon be able to run Selenium, Playwright and Puppeteer tests in parallel in the same cluster. Then I will demonstrate how to easily deliver the same experience for your team using a remote cluster in the cloud platform.