Observability is the ability to monitor and measure the state of a system, including its performance, health, and behavior. It is an important part of software development in the JavaScript domain, as it allows developers to detect problems with their code and be able to quickly identify and fix them. Observability also allows for debugging and analyzing applications, and helps developers understand how their code is behaving in real-time.
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83 min
Scaling Databases For Global Serverless Applications
This workshop discusses the challenges Enterprises are facing when scaling the data tier to support multi-region deployments and serverless environments. Serverless edge functions and lightweight container orchestration enables applications and business logic to be easily deployed globally, often leaving the database as the latency and scaling bottleneck.
Join us to understand how PolyScale.ai solves these scaling challenges intelligently caching database data at the edge, without sacrificing transactionality or consistency. Get hands on with PolyScale for implementation, query observability and global latency testing with edge functions.
Table of contents
        - Introduction to PolyScale.ai
        - Enterprise Data Gravity
        - Why data scaling is hard
        - Options for Scaling the data tier
        - Database Observability
        - Cache Management AI
        - Hands on with PolyScale.ai