#graphql mesh

GraphQL Mesh is a library that allows developers to connect and query data from multiple GraphQL sources in a unified way. It simplifies the process of connecting to different GraphQL endpoints, resolving conflicts between them, and merging their results into a single response. This makes it easier for developers to access data from multiple sources within one application, without needing to manually write complex resolvers or manage multiple connections.
GraphQL Galaxy 2020GraphQL Galaxy 2020
167 min
From a fully featured Apollo Server into no-code GraphQL Mesh with the same functionality
In this workshop, we will start with a fully featured Apollo Server, that calls multiple data sources. We’ll gradually introduce GraphQL Mesh into that code, seeing all the different benefits. Commits commit we will add type-safety and remove manual code until the last commit, where we will remove all the manual code and stay with just a simple configuration. That way you’ll learn about all the different ways you could use GraphQL Mesh and decide where and how it can best serve you in your existing applications.