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Desktop apps are applications that are designed to run on a desktop computer, as opposed to running in an internet browser or on a mobile device. They are usually written in languages such as C++ or Java, but with the rise of JavaScript, some desktop apps are now being written in JavaScript. These apps allow users to access data and services stored on their computer, as well as providing a more interactive experience than a web page.
JSNation 2023JSNation 2023
109 min
Beyond the Framework: Distributing Your Desktop App Like a Pro
Building apps using web technology is great; however, at times you may encounter limitations regardless of what framework you choose. During this workshop, we will talk about choosing a framework, common problems and how to overcome them.
Table of contents- Introduction: The intertwined history of the Web and Apps- So many desktop app technologies! How do I choose one?- Common issues and how to think about apps- Conclusion