Jonas Kruckenberg
Jonas Kruckenberg
As a self-taught web developer, I quickly discovered my love for lightning-fast software - whether it's a website or an app. This passion has sent me on a long journey from fine-tuning websites to exploring the exciting world of Local First Software and peer-to-peer networking. Along the way, I can't help but ponder what our digital will look like, and how we can make it more secure, privacy-focused, and beneficial for humanity. Putting my money where my mouth is, I’m currently working on Tauri, a framework to build smaller, faster and more secure apps.
JSNation 2023JSNation 2023
109 min
Beyond the Framework: Distributing Your Desktop App Like a Pro
Building apps using web technology is great; however, at times you may encounter limitations regardless of what framework you choose. During this workshop, we will talk about choosing a framework, common problems and how to overcome them.
Table of contents
- Introduction: The intertwined history of the Web and Apps
- So many desktop app technologies! How do I choose one?
- Common issues and how to think about apps
- Conclusion