AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and is a cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. It provides a wide range of services such as data storage, compute power, content delivery, database management, analytics, and more. These services can be used to build, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud, making it easier for developers to focus on their code rather than worrying about the underlying infrastructure. AWS also offers a variety of tools and services that can help JavaScript developers create powerful and dynamic web applications.
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245 min
Building Serverless Applications on AWS with TypeScript
This workshop teaches you the basics of serverless application development with TypeScript. We'll start with a simple Lambda function, set up the project and the infrastructure-as-a-code (AWS CDK), and learn how to organize, test, and debug a more complex serverless application.
Table of contents:
        - How to set up a serverless project with TypeScript and CDK
        - How to write a testable Lambda function with hexagonal architecture
        - How to connect a function to a DynamoDB table
        - How to create a serverless API
        - How to debug and test a serverless function
        - How to organize and grow a serverless application
Materials referred to in the workshop:,HYgVepLIpfxrK4EQNclQ9w
DynamoDB blog Alex DeBrie:
Excellent book for the DynamoDB: