Tara Z. Manicsic
Tara Z. Manicsic
Tara Z. Manicsic has spent her career using JavaScript on both back-end and front-end to try to help make coding the web a happy place for devs. She is currently working to bring Angular into the Jamstack at Netlify as a Developer Experience Engineer. As an international technical speaker and workshop leader, she conveys all she has learned while delivering horrible jokes. Tara is a lifelong student, teacher, and maker (crafts, IoT projects, tiny humans, and more). She lives in a house down by the river and hopes to meet you soon!
TechLead Conference 2023TechLead Conference 2023
21 min
Processes for the Process-Averse
One way to get a good groan from your team is to mention the word “process”. Engineers in particular worry that process will mean their momentum will get slowed or halted, and usually have experience to justify that worry. With an understanding of workflow and high-level individualization, this doesn’t have to be the case. As a tech lead and now manager that has converted many process skeptics, I’m excited to show you my processes for process.
React Advanced Conference 2021React Advanced Conference 2021
24 min
Remote Team Collaboration Techniques
Whether your team has recently moved to a distributed setup or you’ve been working remotely for some time, keeping team collaboration up can be difficult. Working in a silo, not physically surrounded teammates can make morale and code suffer. I was fortunate to be on a team that found ways to not only make us feel united in building projects together but also as a team of people who could laugh, commiserate, and be open with each other. In this talk I’ll cover the techniques and tools teams have found that strengthen team bonds and morale while keeping up productivity and collaborative project work.