Sudhanshu Yadav
Sudhanshu Yadav
Architect at Prophecy, Ex HackerRank. A JavaScript and React fan, with a deep interest on internals and making theories on how things work. Have authored BrahmosJS, react-number-format, packagebind and several other OSS tools. Also, runs a meet-up group to discuss internals of different tech stack.
React Advanced Conference 2021React Advanced Conference 2021
30 min
Cracking the Concurrent Mode
With concurrent mode coming in React 18, let's talk about the complexities behind providing declarative APIs for concurrent rendering. While implementing concurrent mode APIs from scratch for Brahmos.js, I came across lot of use cases and variability which made it one of the most interesting problem to solve, and appreciate more the React's effort on advocating Concurrent UI. In this talk we will see what concurrent mode means for a web app, what are the internal complexities and how I solved it for Brahmos.js.