Oguzhan Ozdemir
Oguzhan Ozdemir
Oguzhan is a person whose passion is learning. He is self-motivated about discovering his unknown unknowns and autodidactic to move forward in this path. His primary motivation is to keep his technical breadth at the highest level it can be. Because Oguzhan believes that in each particular field, there is something he will learn that he won't be able to grasp anywhere else. In the past, Oguzhan dropped out of Nuclear Engineering to pursue his passion and enjoy what he does for a living. He mainly worked as a Backend Engineer and shifted toward the Cloud. Oguzhan is currently working as an Infrastructure Engineer and is quite optimistic about his career. He is aiming for better, non-stop.
TestJS Summit 2021TestJS Summit 2021
146 min
Live e2e test debugging for a distributed serverless application
In this workshop, we will be building a testing environment for a pre-built application, then we will write and automate end-to-end tests for our serverless application. And in the final step, we will demonstrate how easy it is to understand the root cause of an erroneous test using distributed testing and how to debug it in our CI/CD pipeline with Thundra Foresight.

Table of contents:
- How to set up and test your cloud infrastructure
- How to write and automate end-to-end tests for your serverless workloads
- How to debug, trace, and troubleshot test failures with Thundra Foresight in your CI/CD pipelines